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If you love the outdoors but would like to protect your customers, guests, students and belongings from the sun's harmful UV rays, you could'nt have come to a better place! Call our team of highly skilled sun shade experts to get a quote on the perfect sun shade solution for your outdoor space!

Right now schools are coping with the unpredictable COVID 19 virus. There is much debate in the public forum on best practices, but many school administrators are looking to create OUTDOOR CLASSROOMS as we battle with the lingering COVID pandemic. A  covered basketball or tennis court offers schools and daycares a protected outdoor haven to be used as a classroom, cafeteria and of course, recess and play area.  The large scale outdoor space gives children, teachers and parents enough room to keep safe social distancing. Let Industrial Shadeports build a Shadeport above your school's basketball or tennis court. 

Our sun shade solutions not only protect children and property but carefully designed modern and crisp shade structures can reinforce brand identity and dramatically improve visibility from the street. It can keep employees comfortable and more productive, especially in the hot summer months.  It can help define traffic flow in a car wash, define boundaries of a play area or keep parents and teachers cooler as they watch their children play.


 √  Florida Certified General Contractor License #1525577

 √  Broward County CBE & SBE (Small Business Enterprise)

 √  School District of Broward County SBE

 √  Pre-Qualified Contractor - Broward County Schools
 √  Palm Beach County SBE

 √  Palm Beach County Schools SBE

 √  City of West Palm Beach SBE

 √  Certified Playground Safety Inspector 



Maximum Sun Protection

  • Made from high-quality UV-stabilized HDPE. Strong and stable.
  • 10-year UV degradation warranty
  • Blocks up to 97.7% of UV rays for extended outdoor use
  • Provides up to 20º Cooler Shade
  • Easily Removable

Suitable for the Harshest Conditions

  • Strength and durability to ensure maintenance-free performance
  • Tear and fray resistant
  • No possibility of shrinking
  • Won’t rot or absorb moisture
  • Class A Fire Rating

Environmentally Friendly

  • 100% Lead and Phthalate-free
  • 100% Recyclable
  • First architectural shade-cloth worldwide to be Oeko-Tex®
  • 100 and Greenguard® certified


  • Blocks 100% of Harmful UV Rays
  • Waterproof and UV Stabilized
  • Class A Fire Rating



Precision Manufacturing

  • Superior inline hot-dip galvanized tubing
  • Welded tubing runs through a molten zinc solution while still being formed

Ultra-High Strength

  • Flat strip steel is cold-formed and induction welded
  • Tube has triple layer of protection-zinc, conversion coating and clear organic polymer topcoat applied in-line for uniform coating
  • Conversion coating allows zinc to slow down white rust growth process

Corrosion Resistant

  • Triple coat corrosion from in-line galvanizing process provides greater resistance than others
  • Clear top-cot seals in protection
  • Smooth and shiny appearance that provides strength and durability
  • Powder Coated Steel options available

Frequently Asked Questions​

  • What is a Shadeport?
  • How is a Shadeport Installed?
  • How big are the Columns?
  • What fabrics are available?
  • What to do in the event of a hurricane or other severe weather event?
  • How do I remove the Shadeport Cover?
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