Stylish Outdoor Sun Shade Structures, Shade Sails, Awnings & Replacement Covers that Last!

Carwash Shade
Dog Park Shade
Playground Shade
Basketball Shade
Pool Deck Patio Shade
Farm / Ranch Shade
Large Scale Park Playground Shade
Parking Lot Sun Shade
Car Dealership Sun Shade

Our top-notch Shadeports®, Shade Sails, Awnings or Tension Membrane sun shade structures are perfect for use in many commercial applications. They not only protect children and property, but carefully designed modern and crisp shade structures can reinforce brand identity and dramatically improve visibility from the street. It can keep employees productive and more comfortable, especially in the summer hot summer months. It can help define traffic flow in a car wash, define boundaries of a play area or keep parents and teachers cooler as they watch their children play.

Our team of highly skilled sun shade experts can design the perfect sun shade solution for your situation. Let us be your source for stylish and affordable sun shade solutions.

We Offer:

Replacement Shade Covers for ANY Manufacturer

Modern Designs to Transform Your Property

Innovative Cantilever Designs to Reduce Columns
Mobile Sun Shade
Removal and Reinstallation of Shade Coverings in South Florida for Preparation of a Storm or Hurricane Approaching

Manufactured in our Fort Lauderdale Facility

Mobile Units on Wheels for Flexibility and NO Permit Required