Client: Renaissance Charter Schools

The 90' x 50' Parent Pick up and Drop off canopy was completed in early 2019. The client needed a practical water proof canopy with unique aesthetics and a wide span at an affordable cost. The structure also had to satisfy stringent City building codes and design requirements by the Community Management Board.

NO Equal Design Company designed, engineered, fabricated and coordinated installation of the structure.

Client: The City of Miami - Bayfront Park Management Trust

The Amphitheater at Bayfront Park is a unique curved structure made up of 15 interconnected sections. Each section is covered by an individual fabric panel attached with a fixed edge to the frame and pulled back to create the unique, practical and attractive shape.

Each canopy footprint measures 34' x 26' for a total area of almost 13,000 square feet.

Client: The City of Miami - Bayfront Park Management Trust

The Tina Hills Pavilion is designed to host events at the park. We used Mehler's Valmex Type III for the canopy.

The structure footprint measures 60' x 40' and it's designed to withstand 160mph winds.

Client: Doral Country Club

We are proud to have been selected to design and deliver two canopies at the new Golf school.

The cantilever structures measures 23' back to front and 24' between columns for a total area of 23' x 72' each.

It is high enough to accomodate the tallest golfer in full swing while looking sharp.

Client: Palm Beach Zoo

We designed, fabricated and installed these leaning canopies at the Palm Beach Zoo entrance.

The Landscape Architect and client wanted to create a dramatic focal point at the entrance.

The leaning columns creates drama while maintaning an open feel.

Client: City of Royal Palm Beach for The Weitz Company 

We designed, fabricated and installed the interconnected canopy and cable system for the the city.

They had very specific time requirements for the removal of the fabric panels in case of Hurricanes. Our integrated tensioning system was selected for speed, durability and aesthetics. 

The wind loads are distributed throughout using an attractive cable system.........function everywhere.

Client: C.B. Richard Ellis at American Express Corporate Offices Childcare Center Entrance 

We designed, fabricated and installed these Inverted Cone shaped canopies for American Express Corporate offices in Florida.

The property manager, C.B. Richard Ellis and client wanted a unique design that would add visual appeal to the building and protect parents and children when they enter and leave the Childcare Center.

Water drains to the center planters.

Client: Thumbilina child care center, FL

NO Equal Design Company was selected to design and fabricate a tension shade structure for a new playground. The client needed large spans and the ability to withstand the temperamental Florida weather. The result is a variation of our standard Leonardo structure but with a larger and vertically mounted tensioning system to remove and install the fabric during Hurricanes.

Client: Hotel owner, Miami, FL

We designed, fabricated and installed this tensile fabric walkway canopy at a Miami hotel. The owner needed a functional walkway canopy that would add visual appeal to the existing structure.

The lights are pointed up and the fabric reflects to illuminate the area.

Client: Homeowner Miami, FL

While function is important, any addition should add and blend in with the architecture. While fabric architecture is most often perceived as a modern building medium (in fact it is one of the oldest, think about tents), it can be used in conjunction with most styles. It is up to the designer to ensure that the new structure matches the existing design.

Client: Condo Penthouse owner, Miami Beach, FL

Recognizing our quality and craftsmanship, we are sometimes honoured to serve in unconventional ways. Our client needed custom

curtains that could withstand the high winds at his open (to the top) patio. We manufactured and installed curtains running on stainless steel bearings and tracks (top and bottom) that function as great as they look.

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